The Circuit Board acts as the aggregation of my writing career, showcasing various written and visual work created during my undergraduate time at the University of Michigan as well as my time writing for The Michigan Daily. I have included work that outlines my motivations, drafting process, published work,  and love of technology.

I encourage you to explore and read my various work, which will range from academic to personal to professional.

Site Features

About the Author: This page gives an overview of who I am, what I look like, and lists some of my hobbies.

Re-Purposing & Re-Mediation: This is an in-depth look into a project in which I took a piece of written work, re-purposed it into a pamphlet, and re-mediated it into a video. I walk you through my thought process behind each draft and project, while letting you see each project and its progression.

The Michigan Daily: This is an archive of my articles written for The Michigan Daily, both about technology and new media. Due to legal reasons, I must provide links to the actual articles themselves, on the newspaper’s website, rather than host them here. However, the articles are categorized and very easy to view. This is where you will find examples of my tech writing.

New Media Thoughts: This section offers a brief look into new media’s effects on my professional written work, as well as a great example from The Verge showcasing one of the many exciting possibilities new media offers.

Motivations: This section offers a more personal look into my motivations when it comes to professional and personal writing.

Also, I have made numerous posts to the Minor in Writing Gateway Course Blog, many of which reflect on the writing process taking place during the course, as well as general musings on writing.

Gateway Course Blog